Fetch both price and product data from stripe in a single api call

Fetch both price and product data from stripe in a single api call

Use Case

  • I want to display products in my web app that show the product's name, description and price. Similar to the below screenshot

product card that shows plant picture, product name and price

  • I want to use the Stripe Dashboard as my source-of-truth.

  • Upon visiting my simple store, I would like my customers to receive the latest product information.

The Problem

I tried to fetch all the product data, but that didn't work since it doesn't contain the prices for those products.

I tried to fetch the price data, but the product field only contains an ID for the product and not the rest of the data.

๐Ÿค” "Do I really have to get all of my price data, then iterate over each price just to get the product data?"

Neither the Stripe Price docs or the Product docs address this use case. A quick google search confirmed my initial approach:

StackOverflow answer confirming my initial assumption

But for such a common task, it just wasn't sitting right with me.

The Solution

Special shoutout goes to my buddy Nick (@dayhaysoos). He let me know that prices can use the expand parameter to get the corresponding product information.

After a quick search through the Stripe docs for "expand", the solution became clear:

import Stripe from 'stripe'

const Home = ({ productPriceData }) => {
    console.log({ productPriceData })

    return <div>display stripe data</div>

export async function getServerSideProps() {
    const stripe = new Stripe(process.env.STRIPE_SECRET_KEY)

    const productPriceData = await stripe.prices.list({
        expand: ['data.product'], // ๐ŸŽ‰ Give me the product data too
    console.log(JSON.stringify(productPriceData, null, 2))

    return {
        props: { productPriceData },

export default Home

๐Ÿ—’๏ธ Quick Notes

  • Expand can be used for just about any API call, but will only go 4 levels deep on what it returns.
  • It's showcased here, but just to be clear, you can dig into an object with dot-notation: data.product.nestedKey.nestedKey2
  • I was going to use the revalidate key in getStaticProps to be cool, but then I realized that if a user refreshes the page, they should always see the correct price.

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